Wednesday, 30 July 2014

the latest on instagram

hello all! just in case you've not spotted, i've been posting regularly over on instagram during these last busy months... here's a couple of snapshots from my profile for you. i hope you enjoy getting this little glimpse into my life.

my busy-ness has been caused by work - writing on top of working extra hours isn't really a reality, let alone being able to spend time photographing my food on anything other than my iphone. anyhow, i've not stopped creating new recipes and trying new things, exploring vegan living and learning how to serve my husband 'manly' non-meat meals.

hopefully i'll be sharing with you soon my latest pics from our holiday in yorkshire, seeing the tour de france and rambling through the north york moors...

apologies for my small disappearance! thanks for sticking with me and thank you for reading :)

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Monday, 12 May 2014

dorset apple cake and the english coast

hello and happy spring!

today i want to share with you some photos from our little holiday to Dorset...

the beautiful countryside near Bridport, which we spent many hours rambling in...

there are a lot of little stalls by the side of the road, honesty boxes they're called (find out more at confessions of a design geek), and we found one nearby selling runner bean chutney - my favourite.

we did actually have reasonably lovely weather, with plenty of blue skies and the occasional heavy shower. the hills and walks were very muddy, and on one particular occasion we had my whole boot stuck in the clay!

we foraged a whole lot of wild garlic from the hedgerows and made a very simple and easy traditional pesto - all hand chopped with walnuts, lemon juice and olive oil. i have been wanting to do this for ages, and it was seriously yummy! we ate it on delicious bread as a starter one night...

Pete made a breakfast with the pesto the following day, adding it to the fried mushrooms towards the end of cooking time. it was a lovely addition to our regular veggie fry-up.

we visited the lovely Lyme Regis for the day, and enjoyed the quirky shops and places to eat. one such place was the Town Mill Bakery, which had the most gigantic cakes and pastries i've ever seen. 

we picked up a granary sourdough that weighed 1400g. massive. it was incredible. i don't eat a lot of baked goods, but when i do, i want them to be spectacular, and this was just perfect.

the cobb at lyme regis has a stunning viewpoint, and the rain held off whilst we strolled along the curved harbour wall.

the following day we strolled around nearby Bridport. one of my favourite places in the whole world. my grandparents used to live nearby, and so we visited frequently. i still try to get there every couple of years... (check out my previous post, an afternoon at the seaside).

when i visit i absolutely have to go to Leaker's Bakery. it's the best place for apple cake, and you can also pick up 'health bars' and spelt croissants.

we took the apple cake down to the seaside for a stroll along the coast to West Bay. the sun shone fantastically, and it was so gorgeous.

you all know how much i love picking wildflowers, and i counted 14 different types of wildflowers along the coastal path, though some were too precariously placed or too small to pick... 

it was a much needed break, and i couldn't think of anywhere more restorative to go!

thank you for reading, i hope you have a very lovely day :)

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Monday, 14 April 2014

beetroot houmous, greenwheat freekeh and bluebells

hello lovely reader, thanks for reading today :) i hope you are well and happy, and that you enjoyed a sunny weekend.

today i'm doing a simple update post, with pics of my latest eats. i've been doing a lot of instagramming lately - so if you don't follow me there yet, pop on over to Instagram and see what sort of things i've been up to...

thank you so much for your wonderful comments and responses to my post about veganism - it's an exciting time for me, and it means a lot that you're all on board and excited too! even though i'm not 100% vegan (yet), i'm loving trying new plant-based recipes and meals, and food is tasting so good.

so here are my latest eats and treats:

breakfast of sweet potato mash with hemp milk, topped with tahini, ground flaxseeds, raisins and cinnamon - i love vegan breakfasts!

tortelloni with broccoli, sundried tomatoes, basil and a side of beetroot houmous

as part of Tesco's 'Healthy Living' range, they've got this delicious beetroot and mint houmous, which i often get when i'm at work as a side for my homemade salad.

i've now got several plants in the house - i take them on one at a time, and when i can show that i've kept one alive for at least a month, then i can purchase another... this means i can learn about the needs of each particular plant, and add the watering to my weekly routine. cyclamen and basil have been my favourites so far, so much colour and scent - perfect houseplants!

there are bluebells growing in the garden!! such a surprise when i saw them out my window for the first time, and such a refreshing colour too :)

i picked this up from Tesco the other day - i've read about this ingredient in my Ottolenghi cookbooks, but i've never actually seen it to buy. freekeh has an amazing nutritional profile (more protein than quinoa!), and is really easy to prepare.

cooked freekeh, with chickpea and veg curry, and a side of apple, radish, cucumber diced salad - an amazing lunch!

please do let me know what you've been up to in the comments box below, and also let me know if you've tried freekeh, and if so, how you cooked it...

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thanks for reading, 
i hope you have a lovely day.