Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Lidl's Haul

OK...So I love discovering tasty and healthy goodies in big superstores that are quite often filled with rubbish. Lidl's have the most delicious looking fruit juices I have ever seen, especially at such a good price.

So I bought some Vitafit Multivitamin Fruit Juice - it has no added sugar, so I am allowed to drink it! + there are no preservatives in it.

The next amazing find was Soywell chocolate soya drink, which has very little sugar, no dairy and very little fat...absolutely amazing. Tastes incredible too!
My absolute favorite thing to get from Lidl is their huge buckets of greek yogurt. It is so creamy, and its 10% fat, but it is only pure yogurt, no added rubbish. Goes great with fruit and on my muesli in the morning.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Kandee's Diet & Fitness

Check out this video of how one youtuber stays in shape...Nutiva Diet Hemp Shakes are her answer. I am gonna see if I can buy these in my local health food shop, and give them a go.

I will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, I tried to make a crumble without butter the other day, we didn't even have any spread in the house either. Complete disaster. I would totally recommend just some soya butter or anything similar to use to crisp up the topping. It went into this soggy mess of muesli, it still tasted ok but the texture was all wrong wrong wrong.

Enjoy Healthy Eating

Well, as this is my first post, I had better tell you what the point of this blog is... Really its to do with how to eat healthily, and ENJOY it.

A huge load of people will think of healthy food as being unappetising, weird or bland. But its so not true. You just need some imagination and a pretty good health food shop near you!

I will be reviewing some of the different health food products that I try, and telling you about some of my favorite, and my not so favorite recipes that I have tried or come up with.

So, watch out for photos, videos and recipes...